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Nestled in the small, incorporated village of Atlantic Beach, New York, Catalina Beach Club has been a place for summertime fun and relaxation for seventy years. Purchased in 1944 by the Carasso and Sevy families, it remains under the same ownership to this day.

In 1926, Atlantic Beach was nothing more than a windy sandbar, approached solely by boat. It soon became a stomping ground for the rich and famous, who frequented the private clubs which sprang up along its sandy shore.

More than seventy years later, these private beach clubs are still a haven to many families who flock to the area during the summer months. With its stucco building, long sculptured promenades and balconies stretching out towards the sea, Catalina Beach Club appears much as it must have in years past.

With its Art Deco charm, evocative of times past, Catalina Beach Club has been featured in countless magazine shoots, including Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition, Glamour, Allure, Italian Vogue, and Vogue, to name just a few. The photographing of Victoria’s Secret models for Vogue magazine, by world class photographer, Peter Lindbergh, was a day to be remembered.

Catalina Beach Club has served as a backdrop for music videos (Beyonce shot the cover of one of her album releases here), television commercials, and feature films, including Goodfellas with Robert DeNiro and Far From Heaven with Dennis Quaid and Julianne Moore.

Much to the excitement of our members, the television sitcom, Royal Pains, chose Catalina as a location site for several of its episodes. Watching the show being filmed was a learning experience enjoyed by adults and children alike, and seeing Catalina Beach Club in so many TV episodes was thrilling.

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Pictures of the Past

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Catalina on Camera

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Map of Catalina

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